How to Create API Key and Sheet Connection



Step1: Download App and Login via Google Email you will get your API Key for your Extension. (alert-passed)

API Key Create Successfully. (alert-success)


Step2: Add New Spreadsheet you want to Connect with API Key by Spreadsheet Name or Spreadsheet ID. (alert-passed).


SpreadSheet Connected Successfully. (alert-success)


Step3: Update Spreadsheet Settings as Editor mode than API Control your Sheet. (alert-passed)


Sheet Connected Successfully. (alert-success)


Step4: Enable Kodular or Niotron Setting Show List as JSON.(alert-passed).

Setting for Kodular (alert-success)

Setting for Niotron (alert-success)

Spreadsheet Support All Languages Successfully.(alert-success)


All Done (alert-passed)

Price for Indian Users

Price for other Countries

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